Ellen Borenstein – Founder and Owner of Dignified Living NC

I became a practicing CGCM, Certified Geriatric Care Manager in 2015. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Radiologic Science from the University of New Mexico and completed a Graduate Certificate in Geriatric Care Management from the University of Florida.

I founded Dignified Living LLC, a private Geriatric Care Management company, to provide high quality service to clients and their families. While caring for my parents, I was overwhelmed with the number of resources available and needed the help of a professional to guide me in my decision making. I chose a GCM to help me and soon realized that this was a career path I felt passionate about. I decided to go back to school to be able to help other adult children and their loved ones. I continue to work collaboratively with others in the field to elevate the profession of Geriatric Care Management.


Sara Gallagher – Care Manager

Sara holds a Bachelor’s of Social Work from the University of Southern Maine, graduating in 2009.  After college Sara worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant and a personal caregiver in private residences, hospitals and nursing care facilities in the Portland, Maine region. For the past five years Sara has worked as a Licensed Massage and Body work Therapist in Orange & Durham County, NC.

Currently Sara is studying Geriatric Care Management through the University of Florida.  

Sara grew up close to her grandmother and watched her family struggle as they tried to navigate the stressful care giving role as her grandmother aged and progressed through dementia.  From these personal and professional experiences Sara has seen the need for a more cohesive approach to senior support and services.  As a geriatric care manager Sara hopes to provide such support and fill the basic needs of local seniors so that they and their families can live with greater ease and comfort.